A Straw made of hollow-stemmed grass

From Nature, Returned to Nature

Sustainability Begins with daily Changes

Since 2020, Wonder Greener has chosen to start making a difference with the smallest of utensils—the straw. Committed to sustainability, we seek solutions from nature. By transforming bulrush into straws, we have created a product that is highly favored by sustainable businesses and has become Wonder Greener's best-selling item.

The straws you choose will determine the life of the planet

Using straws is a habit that is hard to avoid. However, using grass straws allows us to enjoy our drinks while fulfilling our desire and responsibility for sustainability. Your single choice can help us meet three responsibilities as global citizens:

SDGs 11: Collaborating with schools and communities to provide grass straws reduces plastic pollution, supports environmental education, and promotes urban greening.
SDGs 12: By offering eco-friendly grass straws, we encourage responsible consumption and production, decreasing the demand for single-use plastics.
SDGs 15: Cultivating grass fields sustainably provides more habitats for wildlife and promotes terrestrial ecosystem conservation.

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