“0” chemical added

100% natural grass straws, free from chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Naturally Decomposes

Our grass straws can be thrown into food waste and they can naturally decompose within 3 to 6 months.

For Hot or Cold Drinks

Can be used in all types of temperatures from 0°C to 100°C.

The Purest & Cleanest Process

The Most Easy Way to Have it:








Make the sustainability even more valuable with the plant.
Beginning with 100% natural straws, we devote ourselves to developing various usage of plants, in order to replace disposable plastics. Here are some statistics of what we have done and to be continue:

Millions straws

We can all do more to love our planet

We are enthusiastic to meet UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, mainly focus on the 4 goals: Goal 8- Decent Work and Economic Growth Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production Goal 13 - Climate Action Goal 14- Life Below Water Goal 15- Life on LandWe deeply care about land, farmers, processing operation, sales and other related source, to fulfill corporate social responsibilities, and to achieve the vision of maintaining a good mutuality of business and environment.



Our grass are primarily grown in Vietnam, and we also have straw fields in Taiwan!

Lepironia grass. 100% botanic materials. We don’t do any additional coating or chemical modification.

Officially, 2 year at least. A dry storage is recommended.

Yes, easily. We provide both blunt end and bevel end.

Grass straws cannot suck bubble tea. However, they can be used for jelly, fruit slices, or iced beverages!

You can just throw them away anywhere in nature LITERALLY. Because they are really as organic as dried leaves in the ecosystem.

After use, grass straws may harbor bacteria from saliva and can be difficult to clean thoroughly, so it's not recommended to reuse them.

Before you put it in water, it might feel a bit dry and therefore a little hard and fragile. We recommend not pressing too hard on it. (Well... even if you use a plastic one and press too hard, it can also break.) And just a reminder, don't eat it! Seriously, as far as we know, it won't provide you with any cellulose replenishment.