Sustainably Evolving! The P to P to P Straw Revolution

GrassStraware now the new sustainable solution, naturally biodegradable, safe and hygienic, providing a quality dining experience without any synthetic materials, significantly reducing corporate carbon emissions


Low-cost and durable, it provides a convenient and comfortable drinking experience worldwide, but it also comes at a cost for the new generation.


Replacing synthetic plastics with paper is more conducive to recycling and also sparks exploration of other sustainable materials.


Sourced from nature and returned to nature, it meets the demand for straws while reducing environmental impact, aligning with corporate carbon reduction goals.

Using straws is convenient, no need to quit, just borrow from nature!

The Gift From Nature

Grass Straws are made from a plant called Lepironia Articulata. The stems of the grass are sturdy and hollow, and after drying, they become natural straws.
◎ Lepironia belongs to the perennial Cyperaceae family
◎ Suitable for tropical and subtropical wet areas
◎ Each grass grows to a height of approximately 2.5 meters
◎ Growth period is 9 to 10 months

Each one looks completely natural


Remove membrane lining inside


✓Can be used over 8 hours

✓ Retains natural color and diameter

✓ Suitable for drinks with wide range of temperatures

✓ Dispose of in compost bin for natural decomposition

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Complies with food safety standards

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