We all know that plastic straws are convenient. Now, switching to grass straws is just as convenient and efficient.

About us

With the global widespread plastic issue. Wonder Greener starts the change with “straw”, a tiny but widely used thing. We truly believe this sustainable solution from nature. That is why we are dedicating to let more people to know the green straw.

We “grow” the straws on the ground, instead of making them with artificial way at a factory. We work with local farmers and the most eco-friendly method to turn abandoned lands to lands with purpose and value.

We “provide” straws, with green material, to help reducing plastic daily more easily.

We are not only selling the straws, but also expecting to make “Grass straws” an globally known green products. With the impact by farming, producing to create a balance of ecosystem and commerce.
Take a green sip

How we begins